In January 1st, 2016, Bright Bear hosted the 1st Amur Ice Marathon in Fuyuan Heilongjiang province , China’s most eastern city. The whole race route is on the frozen Amur river, across which is the Russian city of Khabarovsk.

The Amur River or Heilong Jiang (Chinese: 黑龙江; pinyin: Hēilóng Jiāng, "Black Dragon River"; is the world's tenth longest river, 4400km, forming the border between the Russian Far East and Northeastern China . and it ranks behind only the Yangtze and Huang Ho (Yellow River) among China’s longest rivers.

The Chinese province of Heilongjiang on the south bank of the river is named after it, as is the Russian Amur Oblast on the north bank. The Amur River is an important symbol of, and geopolitical factor in, Chinese–Russian relations.

In winter ,The temperature was from 25 degrees to 30 degrees below zero centigrade during the race day.

The 1st Amur Ice Marathon was welcomed by both Chinese and international runners. Totally, there were 1340 runners participated in the 5km, half-marathon and marathon races. And the number of runners participated in the half-marathon and marathon was 340.

In January 1st, 2017, Bright Bear hosted the 2nd Amur Ice Marathon in Fuyuan. there were 213 runners participated in the 42.195km, the best record was 3h:18mins.

We are going to host the 3rd Amur Ice Marathon in 2018, on the same date, at the same place, open to the runners of the whole world. A number of runners around the world have already made predictions.

Enroll time: May 1st~November 15th 2017;

The race time: 7:30AM, January 1st 2018;

Close gate time of race:

Marathon : 6 hours

Half of marathon ; 3 hours and half;
Registration fee :

Marathon US$380/p

Half of Marathon US$320/p
Registration fee include of :

the fee of hotel (double room )for two night in Fuyuan city .

if want to ask a single room ,the runners need to pay more $60 for it .

two days breakfast ,two dinners (Dec.31/ Jan.01New Year party )in Fuyuan city .

the fee for picking up from Fuyuan airport.

the insurance for the runners within the race of Amur river ice marathon.

Registration Now:


Requirements demands:

For marathon , the runners must to show at least the certifications of five marathons in 12 months ;

For half of marathon, the runners must to show at least the certifications of two marathons in 12 months ;


How arrive to Fuyuan city

There are the airlines to Harbin in Heilongjiang provience ,the capital of Heilongjiang province ,and then translate the airlines to Fuyuan;

Also ,you can go to Fuyuan by train from Harbin . the schedule of train is 18:13 ,K7065;

PS: viedo



Registration Procedure for 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon(赛事须知)

(you need read the rules and then print it and signature )



Registration for the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon, You must Agree to the Terms & Conditions, and complete the Application Form below Pay the full entry fee.

Please print this page and retain for your records. Once the full entry fee has been received, your place will be confirmed in the field.



There is an individual competition for both male and female competitors.



The event is the classic marathon distance of 42.2km . There is also a half-marathon option(21.1km).

Individual results will be categorized into male and female divisions.

Any athlete who exhibits severe conditions that are deemed detrimental to their health may be withdrawn from the race by officials or stopped temporarily while appropriate treatment and advice is administered.

The Race Director's decisions are final.

Your submission of the registration form accepts the Rules and Regulations as outlined above.

The overall fee of marathon is US$ 380, the overall fee of half-marathon is US$ 320.

The payment is required before October. 15th 2017.

You must:

Fill in the Application Form and click Register for Amur River Ice Marathon Agree to the Terms & Conditions when prompted.

Make the relevant payment in order to confirm your place in the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon.
The race is scheduled to take place on January 1th 2018. Please proceed to the terms and conditions to see full details of the trip.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Amur River Ice Marathon


The 2018 Amur River Ice Marathonwill be run over the classic marathon distance of 42.2km (26.2 miles) and half-marathon, 21.1km(13.1 miles).



The dates of 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon.

Day 1: December 31th 2017 - arrive in Fuyuan.

Day 2: January 1th 2018

7:30AM START .


17:30PM The New Year party start.


The price is marathon is US$ 380, half-marathon is US$ 320, and includes;

1. the fee of hotel (one person ,double room )for two night (December 31th 2017/ January 1st 2018) in Fuyuan city .if want to ask a single room ,the runners need to pay more $60 for it .( if you want stay more night , $30/ one night/ one person )

2. two dinners (Dec.31/ New Year party, January 1st 2018 )in Fuyuan.

3. finisher hoodie, medals, certificates and souvenirs

4. professional photography of the race (personal use only)

5. professional video of the race (personal use only)

6. medical support during the race

7. emergency medical insurance

A completed Registration Form, which includes agreement with the Terms & Conditions



All participants should be in excellent health and capable of easily completing a regular 42.2km (26.2 mile) marathon and half-marathon 21.1km(13.1 miles). Please consult with your doctor before entering the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon.



Full payment of marathon is US$ 300, (half-marathon is US$ 180 ) will be accepted on registration before October 15th 2017.



The preferred method is by wire transfer: contact for the details.



Cancellations before August 1st 2017 can be charged US$100.

Cancellations from August 1st 2017 - October 1st 2017 can be charged US$150.

Cancellations from October 1st 2017 - October 15th 2017 can be chargedUS$200.

Cancellations after October 15th 2017 can be charged the full entry fee.


Please note: In the event of withdrawal by a participant, every effort will be made to find a replacement competitor rather than charge any fee, and this would normally be quite feasible. A withdrawing competitor may also directly transfer his or her place to another person. We will not transfer your entry to a future year.



you must have a valid passport beyond your date of return and the appropriate visa documents, if relevant, for entry to China. The organizers will assist with supplying any documentation necessary for visas.



Each participant is responsible for their own insurance to cover trip cancellation and interruption. For example, you may get injured and need to cancel your trip. Furthermore, weather-related delays and other delays can occur in such an extreme environment and the organizers cannot be held responsible for such disruption. Emergency medical evacuation insurance will be provided.



I understand that during the race or in related activities, I may be photographed, filmed, and/or videotaped. I agree to allow my name, photo, video or film likeness to be used for any legitimate promotional purpose by the event holders, producers, sponsors, organizers and assigns.



I certify that I will have adequate insurance to cover unanticipated trip cancellation /interruption, and any injury or damage that may occur on the trip, or which I may suffer while participating, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself.



I acknowledge that I have voluntarily applied to participate in the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon and that I have carefully read and understand the description, terms, conditions and recommendations of the expedition. I am participating in this race with full knowledge of any hazards involved. I also understand that the dates of the race and departure point may change from those specified on this form.

I understand that the Amur River temperatures in January can be below –20 degrees Celsius, with wind chills to – 30 degrees Celsius; that bad weather could strand the expedition for race day; that prolonged exposure to the Amur River Ice environment can cause injury of fingers, toes, and body parts due to frostbite.

I further understand that the Race Director and other organizers cannot 100% guarantee the safety of competitors in the cold environments on ice river during the race.

In consideration of being permitted to participate in this race , I fully assume responsibility upon myself for such bodily, mental, and financial injuries and delays caused by, but not limited to various surface transportation, accidents, hazards of the race in the ice-snow environment, forces of nature, civil unrest, terrorism, and other perils. I freely assume these and all other risks inherent in Amur River Ice Marathon, in exchange for the thrill of race on ice Amur river.

I hereby assume all risks, however caused, including those mentioned above, as a result of my participation.



In consideration of the services of Amur River Ice Marathon, the Race Director and agents, owners, officers, volunteers, participants, employees, sponsors, medical personnel and all other persons, or entities acting in any capacity on their behalf: I hereby agree to release, indemnify, and discharge them, on behalf of myself, my children, my parents, my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and estate as follows:

I release the organizers of Amur River Ice Marathon and all of its agents and representatives or other entities acting on their behalf from any and all liability, actions, causes of actions, suits, debts, and demands that I may have for bodily injury, death, or property damage, loss of income, delays and claims of every sort and nature whatsoever which may arise out of or in connection with my participation in the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon.



Amur River Ice Marathon Committee reserves the right to cancel the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon if the weather condition does not safety to competitors . In the event of a late cancellation of the race due to unforeseen circumstances, Amur River Ice Marathon Committee agrees to provide the same race at the next possible opportunity at no additional cost to the competitor.

We will not be liable for other costs incurred by you in preparing for the trip.



The validity, construction and performance of this Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the People Republic of China. The parties hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the People Republic of China, as regards any claim, dispute, or matter arising out of, or in connection with this Agreement.



I have carefully read and understand the description, terms, conditions and recommendations of the 2018Amur River Ice Marathon and I am participating with a thorough knowledge of the hazards involved. I freely and voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions of the 2018 Amur River Ice Marathon by signing this contract.